17 October 2012

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun durhhn, DUNUN. Dun dun dun duuuuuurhhn, dee dee dee dee deeee!

Excuse that outburst.  Here's a crystal I gone and dun:

DUN DUN DUN. Dun dun dun duuuhhhhhn ♪

5 October 2012


I drew some bears!  I'm going to paint it a bit but this is enough for now:

 Some WIPs:

11 September 2012

Harvest Moon Lurve Tips

I was playing Harvest Moon SNES a couple of weekends ago (as you do), and the courtship tips were giving me giggles.  Here's one that I had to draw:

NOTE: Turns out Blogger's made sure all images in the omniverse open in a lightbox. If it displays blurry when clicked on below, right click the blurry lightbox picture and choose "View Image". That'll sort out the bugger.

Almost forgot to add this, it's the initial sketch idea:

30 August 2012

Bulky Gentleman

Daily sketch:

Editorial Page Concepts

I noticed that I hadn't yet uploaded these pieces to my blog (they're available on Angiart). They be magazine page layout concepts, me hearties.

22 August 2012

Terrified Carrot


Trying some methods out.

Tall emaciated figures are used for fashion, so I decided to use a buxom woman and a dwarf.

7 August 2012

Suddenly ... Edible Organic Entities!

Some wee doodles.  Well, not "wee" - but you know what I mean.

29 July 2012

Social Networking Logos

I've been sorting out various work-related/promotional stuff today, and also drew some logos for the social networking links on this blog:

9 July 2012

Africa Girl

An image which I drew this evening:

 Aaaaaand some (rather terrifying) progress images:

Zombie Life Insurance Fraud

Here's an old Flash animation I once made, and just found on my hard drive!

Thought I'd share:

29 June 2012

Le Splash Image

Here's another update on the image I've been painting to use as the splash image on my portfolio website:

Angiart's front page is looking a bit bare at the moment ("Apologies, but no entries were found"). Not to worry, this will be sorted out soon with snazziness!

Here's some sketch/rough work for the painting:

27 June 2012

Little Update!

Hello! I have been rather busy lately with work projects and towards the end of May my spare time was taken up almost entirely by my costume, but I thought I'd take a bit of time to make a blog update today as I haven't done so for quite a while.

Angiart is undergoing a revamp at the moment, I was set back by some technical issues for a while but hopefully those are ironed out now, and I can concentrate on its appearance and content! CURATION TAIM.

And a blog update wouldn't feel right unless it had a picture, so here's a WIP image of something I'm working on (aiming for it to be on the front page of Angiart, but even if I don't end up using it I'd like to finish it):

29 February 2012

16 February 2012

I Don't Know What Possessed Me To Do This.

This kinda started as an inside joke, involving a mishearing of the word "Arsenopyrite".  Not only is he an arseless pirate, he's got no signs of anything else down there either!

Yeah. Poor guy.

14 February 2012


I've been wanting to do something like this for ages - an online hub to link people to my different sites.  It's genius!  And then I found out that about.me existed!

Here's mine, it's not too special right now but hopefully I'll make it a bit more so at some point:

-------  http://about.me/andriadinan  --------

8 February 2012

Blog Changed Address!

So yeah!  I changed the address of this blog from andria-learninglog.blogspot.com to andriadinan.blogspot.com.  I did this mainly because the old address was so long winded to type, and that hyphen in the middle was just a pain in the bum.  Now it's mah name!

The blog is exactly the same as before, with all the original posts :) Just need to make a new header image!

Here's the rather informative image I drew to put up over at the old address, just in case anyone gets confused:

31 January 2012


I may change my blog address soon (I'll still have this address existing but redirect to the new one).  I get tired of writing "andria-learninglog" all the time D:  I may change it to "andriadinan" or something along those lines.

Here's a really quick doodle:

Will be able to upload some proper work soon!

9 January 2012

Rope Spy

Drawing/general image composing practice that I was doing today:

6 January 2012

Evil Little Girl

First post this year!

And a braindoodle:

In sepia!

Christmas Doings

These were already revealed when they were featured on Illustration Rally's Christmas Rally, but here are the Christmas cards I designed last month:

And one last one which was personalised for the client:

Happy belated holidays!

10 November 2011

Des Pingouins!

First is a baby penguin I drew, extra fluffy:

And now a whole load of penguins!  This is my desktop picture at the moment since it's all wintry and whatnot:

3 November 2011


Loud in both colour and noise ...

28 October 2011

Wicked Witch

She's really wicked.